EMC measurements

PWM - Modulated Signals

With 24-bit resolution and a sampling rate of up to 4MHz per channel, the up to 16-channel LTT24 is perfect for precise and fast measurement requirements. Very popular applications for our customers with the LTT24 include the real-time acquisition of characteristic data from electric motors (e-mobility and power tools), standard-compliant EMC measurements and test bench construction for turbochargers, airbags, etc. For good reason, because the unbelievable low distortion of the highly synchronously sampled measuring inputs allows mathematical statements of a quality never achieved before. The capabilities of the LTT24 in pulse width modulated (PWM) control of electric motors are particularly interesting. The physics behind it is the steep switching flanks in which the LTT24 acquires sufficient measured values to precisely determine all the key performance indicators.

Track switchgear

  • EMC measurements for safe operation of track switchgear  

Application reports