Application reports

Read our application reports and learn more about the use of our LTT precision measurement technology.

LTTsmart - Recording of crash scenarios

The further development and optimization of passive safety systems is an important topic in the automotive industry. In the future, even faster activation times and even more sensitive reactions will be required. To achieve this, the LTTsmart is used to measure and evaluate the structure-borne sound generated during a crash.


LTT24 - Reliably detect signal dropouts in the microsecond range

The cabling in vehicles is exposed to extreme loads. There are strong vibrations and large temperature differences. To withstand these conditions, components such as cable harnesses, connectors and switches are intensively tested on shakers and in heat chambers. Even the shortest connection dropouts must be reliably detected.


LTTsmart Power Analyzer in the aviation industry

Power measurement in the aviation industry on integrated systems increases efficiency

The LTTsmart in use on integrated drive systems in the aviation industry.

Read more about use in the aviation industry

LTT24 - EMC measurements for the safe operation of track switchgear

LTT24 - EMC Measurements for the safe operation of track switchgear  

....Each axle counts

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LTT measurement technology now available with LVDT sensors

LVDT/carrier-supplied DMS sensors are not commonly used. But when they are, they pose major challenges for measurement technology. This is especially true for large-scale projects with multiple measurement channels. The LTT24 from Labortechniker Tasler GmbH is the market leader for such tasks and many more.

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Smart power analysis

WITTENSTEIN SE develops customer-specific products, systems and solutions for highly dynamic motion, high-precision positioning and intelligent networking in mechatronic drive technology.

Read the application report on electrical power measurement on servo actuators by the LTTsmart Power Analyzer here!

Details of power analysis

LTT24 for high-precision measurements of liquid metal flows

On duty for Tomocon

The LTT24 in use for the measurement of liquid metals and their structure, by the HZDR (Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden) as part of the EU project Tomocon.

Watch the video here!

More details and video

LTT24 - Marine research at its best

Human activities are creating tremendous amounts of underwater noise, effecting marine environment dramatically.

Marine researchers are analyzing underwater sound  --- with the best equipment available in the market: the LTT24.


LTTsmart - The Power Analyzer for the Industry on the Move

With the rapid development of electromobility, only a few measurement technology manufacturers can keep up.
With the LTTsmart, you are on the safe side.

Details of electromobility

LTTpro - Software for LTTsmart power analysis

LTTpro is the associated software for display, analysis and storage of the data, so that the measurement chain from sensors to data acquisition to software can be offered from a single source.

Details of power analysis

LTT24 - Process monitoring during grinding operations

Process monitoring of grinding operations relies on structure-borne sound sensors, which have a very high bandwidth.

Details of process monitoring

LTTsmart: The future of battery-driven electric motors

Electric drives are conquering our daily lives: cordless screwdrivers, angle grinders, electric bikes and electric cars must function with maximum efficiency over the greatest possible load ranges.

Test standards, such as the DIN IEC 60034-2-3, define the test requirements for determining the efficiency of such inverter-fed drives. The LTTsmart is the only device worldwide offering the necessary bandwidth and accuracy.

Details of electric motors

LTT24 - World novelty: Digital 24-bit music recording in the MHz range

Congratulations for the 1st place of the Innovation Award 2017 of the district of Göttingen!

The company "friends of green sonic" developed together with Labortechnik Tasler GmbH a new recorder for music recordings: A 24-bit PCM system with a sampling rate of 4.2336 MHz - digital audio redefined.

Details of digital music recording

LTT24 - groundbreaking quality of acoustic measurements in air and under water.

Acoustic measurements in air are often carried out with microphones corresponding to the ICP® standard and therefore require a constant current supply.

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LTT24 - Recording of strains on ultra-high strength concretes under impact loads

The Center for Building Materials and Materials Testing (cbm) at the Technical University of Munich is one of the most important research and testing institutes for building materials in Germany. The cbm's field of activity covers the areas of teaching, research and materials testing. The Concrete Technology working group deals with the essential aspects of concrete as a building material - from production (mixing) and processing (rheology) to mechanical properties and durability.

Details of material testing

LTT24 - Recording crash scenarios - tracking down structure-borne noise

Continental chose the LTT186-16 transient recorder from Labortechnik Tasler.

The device has proven itself both in stationary test bench operation and in mobile "crash use". This is because the upcoming tests require a powerful measurement data acquisition system that meets particularly high requirements. The system must be able to operate autonomously, i.e. without computer support, and must also be able to record data for extended periods of up to several minutes. It should also offer a high signal bandwidth of up to 1 MHz for as many channels as possible, and this with the highest accuracy.

Today, use the LTT24 as a successor model.

Details of crash tests

LTT24 - Qualification test of a satellite component

TU Munich - The company EADS-Astrium commissioned KRP-Mechatec to test a mechatronic satellite component, a so-called "Low Shock Release Unit" (LSRU), which the client had developed and built for use on satellites.

Today, you use the LTT24 as the successor model.

Details of qulification tests

LTT24 - Underwater blasting tests

The recording of underwater pressure waves places great demands on the measurement technology used. High sampling rates are required for the transient signals of a blast, as well as robustness of the measurement system against shock and vibration.

Today, you use the LTT24 as a successor model for this purpose.

More details of unterwater blasting tests

LTT24 - Measurements on gas turbines

Decentralized acquisition of strain gauge sensors on a gas turbine: As part of the continuous further development and optimization of its products, the Power Generation Group within Siemens AG operates a test field for investigations on gas turbines at the gas turbine plant in Berlin. The demands on the measurement technology are enormous: Typically, more than 300 dynamic channels with sampling rates of up to 50 kHz per channel have to be acquired.

Today, you use the LTT24 for this as the successor model of the data logger.

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LTT24 - on-load tap-changer in endurance test

Robust transient recorders also prove themselves over the long haul and ensure fast and reliable recording of measurement data.

The LTT24 is ideally suited as a successor model.


LTT24 - Sprinkling attempts on tank and buildings

transient recorders from Labortechnik Tasler GmbH are used as a substitute for tape recorders in blasting tests, among other things. The possible effects on the occupants are investigated. For this purpose, test dummies and seat structures are equipped with sensors to determine the forces and accelerations introduced. Labortechnik Tasler's measurement technology is robust enough to record the measurement data directly in the blasted tank or building.

The successor model LTT24 is also ideally suited for this type of measurement.