The standard software for the LTT24 and LTTsmart.


Now available: Optionally online mathematics function.

LTTpro is a professional control and display software; starting with version 4.0, it offers numerous improvements in user interface as well as an online mathematics function.

The professional software helps to analyze and visualize your measurement data.

Incoming data can be analyzed during a running measurement and the results are displayed in real time. Various mathematics functions such as the Fast Fourier Transformation (FFT), averaging, histograms etc. can be applied directly to the measuring data or to already calculated results. This makes it possible, for example, to smoothen the curve of an FFT over a longer period of time.

Online Mathematics Function

The display of the online mathematics is independent of the input signal display, and can be manipulated as desired without changing the view of the analog data. With the help of several cursor markers, defined individual values of the online mathematics can be shown directly in the display or as an overview of for all channels in the channel view.

When purchasing a new device, the LTT24 and LTTsmart come with LTTpro (without online mathematics) to record and process data.

A license needs to be purchased for the online mathematics module. The basic version includes the most important functions such as integral FFT, FFT (10 different window functions, normalization and spectrum type can be selected), histograms, RMS and smoothing (mean value). Due to the highly modular structure of the online mathematics in LTTpro, customers can adapt it to their individual needs.

Online mathematics is now available for all versions of LTTpro 4 and is activated by importing the required license.

You can purchase the required license for your software and the online mathematics function from us. We will be happy to provide you with an individual quotation.

In cooperation with our software partners the LTT24 and the LTTsmart offers additional software-options:


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