LTT24 - fast precision measuring device

The robust LTT24 is a complex data acquisition system that can work with a very high sampling rate and high memory depth.

It is a data acquisition device, recorder, analyzer and SensorCorder in one.
The precise measurement data acquisition device comes with associated software that requires no drivers.

The LTT24 is precise

The LTT24's measurement inputs feature both extremely low noise and extremely low distortion over the entire bandwidth from DC to 1.7MHz - both of which make the LTT24 a clear market leader.

Distortion and noise combined are below -100 dB, providing an ENOB (effective number of bits) of true 16 bits over a wide range of frequencies and amplitudes. Equipped with an integrated 4 MHz sampling analog-to-digital converter with 24-bit resolution, the LTT24 sets the standard for high-precision measurement tasks.

All measurement channels have a highly synchronous AD converter and are galvanically isolated from the housing and all other channels.

The internal power supply of the LTT24 precision measuring device operates highly synchronous to half the ADC clock rate and thus remain invisible over the entire bandwidth from DC to 2 MHz.

Thanks to a patented data streaming technology, all samples of all devices may get either continuously stored to the internal SSD or continuously transferred to the PC even at full samples rates.
At the PC the data can be visualized, analyzed and stored in realtime. Numerous interfaces to other software packages also allows the use in existing environments.

The LTT24 is fast

The fast internal processing of the data allows real-time data transfer to the PC.

Analog outputs are optionally available via 20 bit DAC with up to 2 megasample per second per channel.

Please also have a look at our product videos of the LTT24!

The LTT24 is flexible

The LTT24's preamplifier supports a wide variety of sensors e.g. voltage, current, ICP®, charge, strain gauge (DMS), LVDT or PT100, etc. can thus be connected as required. All measurement channels provide excellent sensor supplies, that are stable up to the MHz range -- and even more precise than the measurement resolution of -117 dB.

Data acquisition and transfer uses USB 3.1 connection. Ethernet is available as an option.

As a modular data acquisition device, the LTT24 offers several channel variants. Thus, the rugged housing for 4, 8 and 16 channels is available as a portable variant. And an industrial variant for 32 channels in a 19 inch housing. In addition, several LTT24s can be synchronized with each other.

Conclusion: The flexible choice of channel numbers together with the variable selection of sensor connections enables a wide range of options and applications.

The LTT24 can be used for a wide variety of applications, for example as a transient recorder, sensor recorder or as a PC-based data collector.

Examples of use

Recording analog signals and playing them back in high-precision analog at a later time is just one of the many possibilities offered by the LTT24 precision tape recorder.

LTT24 - Different Versions

Standard connection and additional components and connections


Standard connections

Standard connections

The LTTpro software keeps an eye on your measurement

We offer the following options for our software:

  • LTTpro: control and visualization software
  • LTT2API: library for integration into customer applications
  • LTT library for connection to LabView, DasyLab, Matlab, etc.

You can also purchase a 1-year license for software updates as well as an online mathematics function from us. Of course, we can also customize our software to meet your specific needs. We will be happy to provide you with an individual quotation.



Technical specifications

Modular housing

  • Housing size: 4, 8, 16
  • also suitable for 19" installations
  • Number of channels from 1 to 16 and more
  • Expandable at any time
  • configurable functionality

Modular channels

  • Ultra performance: 24 bits technology with 4 M sample/s per channel
  • Best accuracy on the market: 16 ENOB
  • Best flat bandwidth on the market: DC – 1.7 MHz
  • Best interference suppression (CMRR) on the market
  • Best galvanic isolation: No-Noise DC/DC supply with 2 MHz clock pulse
  • Suitable sensor supply: Voltage, current, carrier frequency
  • Signal inputs for: volt, current, charge, ICP®, strain gage, current, LVDT, resistance etc. with corresponding sensor supply
  • Slow channels: 24 bits with 2 k sample/s for e.g. temperature, pressures, etc.
  • Analog outputs up to 2 MHz and 16 bits resolution
  • Digital channels: SPI, pulse etc.

Modular options

  • 1 - 32 analog outputs
  • 1 - 256 digital IOs
  • Internal Recording: internal SSD hard disk (500 GB) - Don't ever miss anything important again, just rewind!

Connection options

  • Digital I/O and Syc.-Interface for external hardware
  • SyncE and IEEE1588: Nano-second synchronization via Gigabit Ethernet
  • USB 3.0 and Dual Gigabit Ethernet connection to PC

Data transfer rate

  • SSD 256 Mbytes/s
  • PC via USB 170 Mbytes/s
  • PC via Gigabit interface 127 Mbytes/s