Automobile industry

Noise analysis

Three-dimensional analysis of vehicle noise sources

  • Array measurement on 16 synchronous channels

Component test

on diesel injection systems - also measurements indexed as rotational speed

  • Flexibility of the measuring systems
  • very high sampling rate with 24 bit resolution
  • Measuring systems are cascadable and can also be used in combination for multi-channel measurements

Engine testing technology

Measurements via acceleration sensors of stresses, strains and vibrations directly at the engine

  • very high sampling rates
  • compact design
  • simple operation
  • fast, patented data transfer from the measuring system to the PC

Airbag development

Measure control signals that report the functionality of airbags to the on-board electronics in vehicles.

  • high sampling rate for detection of partially weak signals
  • Measurements over long periods of time
  • numerous trigger functions
  • simple data reduction via math channels

Engine development

Test technology for measurements on engine control and engine functions, output signals from engines, ignition voltages

  • Simultaneous measurements over many channels
  • Measurements over long periods of time

Automotive industry

  • Injection pumps
  • Crash tests
  • Turbocharger

Monitoring rotating machines

Monitoring on

  •     electric motors
  •     gearboxes

NVH analysis

NVH (noise, vibration harshness) analyses check the conditions of rigid rotors, among other things.

  • Balancing condition analysis
  • Balancing
  • Vibration analysis
  • Modal analysis

Application reports