LTTpro for LTTsmart Power Analysis

For over 25 years, Labortechnik Tasler GmbH has been developing high-precision and high-speed data acquisition systems (24 bits, up to 4 MegaSamples/s per channel) with integrated sensor support: LTTsmart and LTT24.

LTTpro is the associated software for display, analysis and storage of the data, so that the
measurement chain from sensors to data acquisition to software can be offered from a single source.

Thanks to a patented solution, no driver installation is required to get the devices up and running. As a result, the software is easy to configure. Simply connect the LTT device to the PC and plug in all sensors: the sampled analog and digital signals are immediately available in LTTpro for real time visualization, analysis and direct storage into many different file formats.
The software option “LTTpro PowerAnalyzer”, specially developed for the LTTsmart, delivers high-performance electrical power analysis that is perfectly designed for modern electric motors at varying speeds. LTTsmart devices rely on highly optimized algorithms to precisely determine and display the rotation cycles, even at highly distorted phase current waveforms with heavy noise. Apart from all typical power characteristics (RMS values, active/reactive/apparent power, power factors, speed, efficiency,…), the distortion (THD = Total Harmonic Distortion) of all phase currents and phase voltages is continually calculated and displayed.
Calculations based on half cycles and averaging across multiple cycles are also possible.

The parallel view of raw data and calculated Power Analyzer data immediately reveals the causes behind any anomalies in the key performance indicators.

At the press of a button or by settng an appropriate trigger event, entire time windows of raw data can be stored along with the corresponding calculated data from the Power Analyzer, down to the precise rotation, while the continuous power calculation keeps running.

The compact LTTsmart systems allow for both: operation at a test stand facility and mobile operation in a vehicle itself. In addition, the software LTTpro can also display, analyze and share previously recorded or emulated data, covering all requirements around driving cycles, vehicle testing and production monitoring.

This LTT-hardware/software package thus offers an efficient solution for measuring the power of an electric motor in testing environments as well as in real operation.

Do you have any questions? Please feel free to contact us directly!

Do you have any questions?

Contact us directly!