Transientrecorder SensorCorder Amplifier

The measuring instruments listed below are our predecessors and are no longer manufactured.

All functions have been integrated into the LTT24.

LTT180 and LTT182 - SensorCorder

Our predecessor models of the LTT24 precision measuring device have the following features:

  • Combi input amplifier:
    - Volt DC/AC, DMS (1/4- 1/2- and full bridge)
    - ICP® software configurable
    - zero adjustment
  • 16 bit digitization with 500 kHz sampling rate per channel
  • galvanic separation
  • ultra precise sensor supply for constant current and constant voltage
  • Single devices with 8, 16 or 32 channels
  • several devices can be cascaded and networked decentrally via Ethernet

LTT184 - Transientrecorder

The LTT184 is a mobile transient recorder for measurement data acquisition and control:

  •     16 bit resolution (up to 2.5 MHz)
  •     Sampling rates from 1 kHz to 20 MHz per channel
  •     Total subscription rate up to 100 MSample
  •     8 or 16 differential analog inputs
  •     several devices are cascadable

LTT186 - Transientrecorder

Simply switch on and work: As a stand-alone device or in combination with a notebook, the LTT186 is a multifunctional measuring system and therefore the ideal companion for all mobile measuring tasks.

Thanks to the new LTTpro software and a larger hard disk capacity of up to 320 GB, the LTT186 transient recorders can be used more flexibly.

For example: 16 channels with 100 kHz sampling frequency can be continuously recorded over 1 day.


LTT500 - Measurement amplifier

For highly dynamic (up to 1 MHz bandwidth) and static sensor signals with 8 galvanically isolated inputs for strain gages, volts, charge, ICP®, current and resistance, which can be individually set on the software side.

An application-dependent exchange of modules is not necessary as all channels are fully equipped.