LTT24 - fast data transfer

The LTT24 offers the best solutions for all specific and individual measurement requirements. The LTT24 is used in almost all fields where maximum precision is required and fast and/or very fast processes are measured. Our decades of experience also show that the individuality of the measuring device is important as well. For this reason, the LTT24 is designed to enable you to assemble your measuring instrument in such a way that you are perfectly equipped for future requirements, starting with the modular structure and variable number of channels up to numerous possibilities of various sensor connections. The LTT24 is characterized not only by its high accuracy and speed, but also by its extraordinary reliability. These characteristics are the result of years of development and cooperation with our valued customers.

LTT24 - Awards

These awards are not only confirmation for us, but also incentive and challenge to offer an optimal measuring system for different measuring tasks.


LTT24 - The future of battery-driven electric motors

Electric drives are conquering our daily lives: cordless screwdrivers, angle grinders, electric bikes and electric cars must function with maximum efficiency over the greatest possible load ranges.




LTT24 - quality assurance

The LTT24 is ideally suited for maintaining quality assurance and the service life of your products and production facilities.

Fields of Application