High-precision data acquisition measurement

Labortechnik Tasler specializes in the development and production of mobile hihg prezicion measuring instruments - transient recorders, sensor encoders, power analyzers, all-in-one measuring instruments - in the high-end segment and, with more than 25 years of experience, is one of the leading manufacturers in this field.

Due to the modular design of the measuring instruments such as LTT24 or the LTTsmart as a data collector and power analyzer, our customers benefit above all from individual, tailor-made solutions for their specific needs. Our company also supplies the right software and interfaces to external software packages.


LTT24 - The solution for specific and individual precision measurement requirements

The LTT24 is a universally applicable, mobile measurement data acquisition device and recording device at the same time.  Data can be analyzed and processed and the unusual events of the measurement environment can be made visible.

The special feature is the high speed of the high transmission rates, with extremely high accuracy.

(left: product LTT24)


LTTsmart - dataacquisition or precision-power-analyzer

The LTTsmart is for budget-optimized industrial use. Due to its wideband high voltage inputs the LTTsmart is also the perfect solution for electrical power measurement of electric drives.

The LTTsmart consists of one module with two channels each and can be flexibly extended by several modules in different versions. The flexible selection of the modules allows to design a solution tailored to the respective requirements.

Application with input-channel 1000V, BNC, DIN

LTTsmart - The perfect measuring chain from preamplifier to real-time analysis

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