LTTsmart -Smart Power Analysis

Electric performance measurement of servo-actuators

WITTENSTEIN SE develops custom products, systems and solutions for highly dynamic motion, high-precision positioning and smart networking in mechatronic drive technology. This also includes ‘servo actuators’ for an extremely wide variety of industrial applications in the likes of the food industry or even aviation. A servo actuator is a combination of a planetary gear and an electric motor. Servo actuators from WITTENSTEIN are characterized by high power density, low mass moment of inertia, high rigidity and low circumferential backlash.

To guarantee these high quality standards, the servo actuators are put through their paces on the test benches at WITTENSTEIN’s Technical Support Center. This process also involves automatically measuring S1 continuous operation characteristics (speed / torque characteristics). Various operating states are approached on the test bench in the characteristic curve field. Mechanical values aren’t the only properties that are measured; electrical power is measured, too, to determine relevant parameters (such as power, efficiency, power factor, harmonic analysis, etc.).

For rapid three-phase current / voltage measurement, WITTENSTEIN relies on the LTTsmart Power Analyzer from Labortechnik Tasler. The Power Analyzer consists of individual modules, each with two separate and galvanically isolated input channels, and can be flexibly configured with respect to number, sequence and scope of performance. The Power Analyzer – which can either be integrated in a DIN rail or 19” housing, or provided as a portable variant – is optimally suited to use on test benches thanks to its measurement accuracy and precision. It offers voltage and current inputs up to ± 1,000 Vrms, with galvanic isolation up to 2,500 VDC, up to 4 MHz sampling rate per channel, and highly synchronous and extremely low-noise and distortion-free 24-bit A/D converters.

When used in combination with the LTTsmart, the specifically developed LTTpro Power Analyzer software option provides a high-performance electrical power measurement that’s perfectly designed for modern electric drives at varying speeds. The LTTsmart uses highly optimized algorithms to determine and display the exact revolution cycles even from very noisy phase current sine wave patterns. In addition to all the usual power characteristics (RMS values, reactive / apparent / active powers, power factors, speed, efficiency, etc.), the distortions of all phase currents and voltages are continuously determined and displayed too. The parallel raw data and calculated Power Analyzer data view immediately reveals the causes behind any anomalies in the key performance indicators.

Jan Feselmeier, a test engineer at WITTENSTEIN, reported:

“When selecting the LTTsmart Power Analyzer, in addition to the high demands we placed on precision and measurement rate the most important factor for us was that it should be as easy as possible to integrate into the existing test bench architecture. The successful cooperation between Labortechnik Tasler and Stiegele Datensysteme, our long-standing partner, has proven extremely helpful in this regard.”

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