Detect signal dropouts

Reliably detect signal dropouts in the µsec range with LTT.

The cabling in vehicles is exposed to extreme loads. There are strong vibrations and large temperature differences. To withstand these conditions, components such as cable harnesses, connectors and switches are intensively tested on shakers and in heat chambers. Even the shortest connection dropouts must be reliably detected.

LTT's newly developed software module "Wiring Harness Test" expands the range of applications of LTT24 transient recorders for automated wiring harness test benches at an automotive supplier.

The software is used to set which signal dips - with duration and level - are still tolerated or from when a signal dropout is to be evaluated as an error. Each signal dip is registered and the events outside the tolerance are recorded and reported separately as an error on the software interface. The test setup contains the following parameters:

  • Accuracy: up to 50ns (= sampling frequency of up to 20MHz per channel!)
  • Pre-trigger, post-trigger time
  • Length of the signal dip, which is evaluated as an error.
  • Trigger threshold which must be exceeded or not reached.
  • Number of channels: 1-16 (expandable by synchronizing multiple devices)

Each channel is monitored independently. Thereby all longer signal dips are logged channel specific. The measuring system either records continuously in 7-day/24h mode or interrupts the measurement when the first error has occurred. The individual measurement files can be selected from a list and displayed by double-clicking.