LTT24 & LTTsmart - Pulse

Optional inputs for pulse signals

Pulse/counter inputs can be used for versatile tasks, such as time-of-flight measurements between photoelectric sensors or rotation angle and speed measurements on rotary pulse encoders.

  • Each pulse module has up to 3 inputs (A,B,Z) which are sampled at 1.024 GHz
  • Input range - 30... + 80 V, with digitally adjustable trigger threshold
  • A: Pulse input (sine or TTL)
  • B: Direction of rotation (e.g. cosine)
  • Z: 0° identification – one pulse per rotation
  • Internal calculation of the angle φ and its temporal derivation φ'
  • As well as ∆φ and ∆φ' to a virtually uniformly rotating system
  • One (1) mathematical result can be displayed analogously for each pulse module
  • Output amplitude approx. ± 5 V

Possible applications:

  • Tip timing in turbines
  • Torsional vibration analysis
  • Thanks to the analog outputs, you can connect an FFT analyzer f.e. and analyze the ∆φ signal