Due to the high sampling rate and the extremely precise measurement data acquisition, the LTT measurement technology is optimally suited for use in the aerospace industry.

Material tests

e.g. measurement of components for satellites, helicopters and aircraft or vibration analyses of building materials

Excerpt from a user report of the TU Munich:

"For certain measurements KRP-Mechatec cooperated with the Max-Planck-Institut Garching. On this occasion, measuring data were recorded parallel to the measuring systems of the MPI with the LTT measuring instruments. The comparison has shown that the LTT measuring instruments have delivered extremely accurate measured values!

  • Flexibility of the systems
  • High sampling rate and high accuracy
  • Devices are cascadable for multi-channel measurements


  • ultra-high-resolution image sensor measurement

Development of electro-mechanical drive components

the primary flight control such as elevator, ailerons and rudders

Investigation of rotating machines

such as drive trains including server actuators

Application reports