LTT24 - Stand Alone

Total sampling rate of 64M sample/s

The LTT24 offers the function of a stand-alone recorder, with the option of an internal 500 GB SSD hard disk. The measurement data acquisition system allows an uninterrupted recording of measurement data with over 256 MByte/s on the internal SSD. The 24-bit AD converters generate a data stream of 4 bytes per sample, with a maximum of 4 M sample/s per channel. This results in a maximum total sampling rate of 64 M sample/s per LTT24 device.

With a maximum sampling rate of 4 M sample/s (DC – 1,7 MHz bandwidth) over 32 minutes, can be recorded to the internal SSD using 16 channels simultaneously. The uninterrupted transfer and storage via USB 3.0 interface directly to the computer hard disk is also possible for 16 channels with 1 MSample/s per channel (or less). The prerequisite for this is that the computer and the internal hard disk (SSD) have sufficient performance.




Sampling rate



[DC – kHz]

Recoding time