Digital 24-bit music recording in MHz range

Digital audio redefined - recorder for music recording as a 24-bit PCM system with a sampling rate of 4.2336 MHz.

1st place! - Innovation Award 2017 of the Göttingen district:

For 24-bit digital music recording in the MHz range.

Since the market introduction of the CD in the early 1980s, digital recordings still do not come close to analog sound quality, despite a variety of available technologies. The sound pioneers of "friends of green sonic" now succeeded in a completely new way of audio recording: for the first time they used the high temporal signal and thus sound resolution of MHz.PCM and achieved a completely new recording quality.

The company "friends of green sonic" designed the innovative recorder 'clàr' for this purpose together with the company Labortechnik Tasler, Würzurg, a worldwide leading manufacturer of digital real-time measurement and recording technology.

Stephan Schmidt of friends of green sonic and the managing director of Labortechnik Tasler, Michael Tasler, agree: "With 'clàr' we are moving at the very edge of what is currently digitally feasible and are breaking new ground. We are happy to welcome cooperation and industry partners.

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