New LTT update for our LTTPro software

We are pleased to announce that we have released a new update for our LTTPro software. This update contains some new features that will help you to make your work more efficient and easier

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We are constantly working to optimize our products for our customers. Our users benefit from the new updates!

Here are some of the highlights of the new update:


More flexible rotation detection
Automatic rotation detection is now even more flexible and can therefore be parameterised even better for your measuring tasks.

Support for torque sensors
If you have additional sensors for measuring torque, this data can now be integrated directly into the PowerAnalyzer and enables the calculation of mechanical power and efficiency.

Support for speed sensors
An additional speed sensor can not only be used to accurately determine the speed, but can also be used instead of the automatic rotation detection, thus enabling even more precise results.

New calculation variables
In addition to the optional calculation of mechanical power and efficiency, you can now also display the active, reactive and apparent energy.

Selectable channels
With the increasing number of calculation variables, the channel list can quickly become confusing. Only display the channels you are really interested in.

Export files
Save not only the results of the PowerAnalyser, but also the associated plots in various formats and resolutions.