LTT24 - fast, flexible and precise measurement technology

LTT24 - The benchmark for individuality


Many universities and service technicians appreciate the high flexibility of the LTT24 inputs, which can be used for almost all applications.
sensors and supply them perfectly with energy (if required).
Therefore our LTT24, which is purchased today for a special task, can also be used for future projects.
can be used. The number of channels can be adapted to additional requirements and can be used in any
quantity can be increased at any time. Budget orientated dimensioning of our LTT24 are so completely
simply possible. Flexibility therefore affects both functionality and budget design.

Perfect replacement of tape drive devices

The sum of all these features makes the LTT24 the perfect replacement for old tape drive devices. And that with significantly better quality! All sensors can be connected directly to the LTT24 without any additional electronics. The internal SSD records all signals at the push of a button or via extensive trigger options. These recorded signals can be output at any time 1-to-1 analog again ("replay") or mathematically post-processed by the PC before the replay is started. Completely mathematically generated signals can also be replayed, as with a function generator.

LTT24 - Facts & Figures

At full speed with maximum precision

  • 24-bit AD conversion at a sampling rate of up to 4 MHz
  • Nanosecond accurate digital measurements
  • Pulse/counter inputs: 832 MHz
  • 20 bit analog outputs up to 2 MHz

Incredibly flexible

  • Recording with the PC or an Internal SSD (500 GB)
  • Modular housing concept 4, 8, 12, 16 channel inserts
  • USB 3.0 and Gigabit Ethernet interface to PC
  • Synchronization interface for device cascading

Incredibly precise

  • Best signal quality (16 ENOB)
  • Best interference suppression (CMRR)
  • Best galvanic isolation
  • Flat bandwidth: DC - 1 MHz

High-precision inputs and outputs

  • Volt - ICP®- DMS - Charge - Current - LVDT - Resistance - also all-in-one
  • Sensor supply: voltage - current - carrier frequency
  • Digital inputs
  • Single-Ended and Differential-Ended (AC or DC)

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