New LTT update for the LTTpro software

Our users benefit from the

- ease of use

- stability

- new software solutions

Improve and increase your efficiency or that of your customers with high-precision measurement data acquisition from Labortechnik Tasler GmbH

Improved stability:

We are always working to improve the stability of our software and the interaction with our hardware so that you can complete your measurement task without crashes and interruptions.

New and extended maths functions (software solutions):

The list of available maths operations is constantly growing. Benefit from digital filters, power analysis, EMC investigations and the brand new pulse maths.

Easier configuration and improved performance (usability):

It's easier than ever to configure our maths operations and apply them to multiple channels in parallel. And all this with increased performance at the same time.


Want to filter your measurement data before using it in another maths operation? No problem. Maths channels can also be used as input for other maths channels.

Record maths channels:

Save parallel to the measurement channels and also quite simply the maths results calculated from them.


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