We recommend to have all our precision measuring instruments calibrated in our company at regular intervals of two years.

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The LTT precision measurement is already a reliable partner for all measurement tasks in your company? We are already thinking one step ahead for you. In order to maintain the measuring accuracy and quality of the measuring equipment, we recommend as manufacturer to have a calibration including adjustment for all LTT precision measuring instruments, in regular intervals every two years. Labortechnik Tasler GmbH offers you the service to remind you of the upcoming calibration in time and to archive all calibration certificates for you. Thus you have a continuous history of all certificates. If, in the course of the calibration, errors or defects are found in the sent in measuring instrument and a repair becomes necessary, you will receive a detailed cost estimate from us. Of course, you decide whether the repair should then be carried out or not. We will be happy to follow your internal procedures. Send us your LTT precision measuring instruments for calibration according to your personal desired date. The exact date of the next appointment for your LTT precision measuring instrument can easily be read on the sticker of your measuring instrument.

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