The LTT precision measuring devices also master special applications in connection with turbine test stands or in the field of mechanical and plant engineering.

Turbine test benches

  • Decentralized measurement front ends via a Gigabit Ethernet interface with scalable computer performance
  • Short cables from sensor to frontend
  • Each sensor can be connected to a galvanically isolated input channel with integrated combi amplifier for volt, strain gauge and ICP®.
  • The circuitry for the respective sensors is configured by software, a modification of the hardware is not necessary
  • Almost any number of computers can be connected via the Gigabit Ethernet interfac

Mechanical and plant engineering

Testing of switching processes

Mechanical forces and accelerations, including low frequencies, are measured.

  • compact design
  • simple operation
  • versatile in use
  • fast, patented data transmission from measuring system to PC

Application reports