New drivers and automatic backups

DASYLab supports hardware from Labortechnik Tasler

The "Easy to use" software DASYLab never stands still: After the support for programmable logic controllers (PLC) was already integrated at the beginning of the year, the driver library was expanded again. Hardware drivers for the high-performance LTT24 measurement system from Labortechnik Tasler and the high-resolution TRION™ modules 1620-ACC and 1620-LV from DEWETRON have been added. The compact data loggers smartMINI from optiMEAS, which are predestined for mobile data acquisition, have also been connected.

Servicepack 2 was released at the end of September. The highlights: For high-resolution monitors, the switching screen area has been enlarged by a factor of four in each dimension. New are automatic backups that protect the user from data loss; up to 99 previous versions of a circuit diagram can be accessed. There have also been changes in the function modules: The DASYLab community can look forward to a new "block relay", among other things. In addition there are many small improvements and corrections: For example the backup module was extended by TDM/TDMS formats and the writing of measurement data in Famos format was updated and thereby substantially accelerated. In addition, the serial module now supports up to 256 ports with baud rates up to 921,600.