PWM for electric drives

Pulse width modulated control of electric motors

Very popular areas of application with the LTTsmart include real-time characteristic data acquisition for electric motors (e-mobility as well as power tools), standard-compliant EMC measurements, power characteristic data measurement in solar cell production, etc.

For good reason, because the unbelievable low distortion of the highly synchronously sampled measurement inputs allows mathematical statements of unprecedented quality. The LTTsmart's capabilities are particularly interesting when it comes to pulse width modulated (PWM) control of electric motors. The physics behind this happens in the steep switching edges in which the LTTsamrt acquires sufficient measured values to accurately determine all performance metrics.

The combination of high voltage channels on the one hand and high resolution of 24 bit and high sampling rate of up to 4MHz per channel on the other hand makes the LTTsmart power meter perfect for precise and fast measurement requirements.