The LTTsmart Power Analyzer

The LTTsmart power analyzer is a consistent further development of our precision measuring devices. In DIN rail housing ideal for use in industry.

The Power Analyzer

With its measurement accuracy, the power analyzer is optimally suited for the development of electromobility.

The power analyzer in the aluminum housing consists of one module with two channels each and can be flexibly extended by several modules. The two channels of a module can be optionally equipped with 1000 Vrms and 10 Volt (power analyzer light) or 1000Vrms and 1000Vrms (power analyzer) high voltage input option with banana plug.

The connection to the PC is located in a separate base module.

The power analyzer is also available as a portable version with handles and in a 19" housing.


Important facts:

  • up to 4 MHz sampling rate per channel
  • 1.7 MHz bandwidth
  • extremely high precision: 0.015%*signal + 0.015%*range
  • 24 bit A/D converter - extremely low noise and distortion free
  •  highly synchronous up to 16 channels per device as well as multiple devices
  • 2500 VDC galvanic isolation of all channels
  • perfectly fulfills the requirements of DIN IEC 60034-2-3-3
  • voltage and current inputs: up to ±1000 Vrms
  • optionally ICP®, charge, strain gauge and/or pulse
  • compact and robust for operation near inverters

The LTTsmart as a power analyzer is perfectly suited for use in power analysis of inverter signals on battery-powered electric motors, in the field of OEM test bench construction or for power quality measurement.



Download technical specifications here

2-channel high-speed 4 msample modules

             Module version

Channel description

             Power Analyser

              LTTsmart HH

Ch1: Volt: ±500 mV and ±10 V, High Volt: ±1000 Vrms

Ch2: Volt: ±500 mV and ±10 V, High Volt: ±1000 Vrms

             Power Analyser light

             LTTsmart LH

Ch1: Volt: ±500 mV and ±10 V

Ch2: Volt: ±500 mV and ±10 V, High Volt: ±1000 Vrms

  The modules of the Power Analyzer can be combined with modules of the LTTsmart and the input options DMS or ICP at any time.