LTT24 for Research and Development

LTT measurement technology is ideal for research and development due to its robust housing, high measurement accuracy and high precision.

Research and Development

  • Generators and Injectors
  • quality improvement
  • long-term tests und studies
  • component test
  • drive development

Newspaper and printing presses

  • Rotational Uniformity Measurements on Printing Rollers
  • Speed fluctuations in the nanosecond range

Gas turbines and Turbine power stations

  • Tape drive replacement


  • Cavitation effects on ship propellers

Engine development

  • Test engineering for measurements on engine control and engine functions
  • Measurement of output signals from motors, ignition voltages, etc.

Material research and testing

  • Load tests
  • Crack tests
  • Blast tests
  • Shot tests
  • Drop tower tests
  • Machine wear monitoring (structure-borne sound measurements)
    • The LTT24 transient recorder is ideally suited for connecting so-called "acoustic emission" sensors for recording structure-borne sound emissions and covers their working range with typical bandwidths from 50 kHz to 1000 kHz. With the 8 or 16 differential analog inputs, several sensor signals can be acquired simultaneously and recorded and evaluated together with other machine parameters. Thanks to an integrated hard disk with up to 1 TB storage depth, longer recordings are also possible independently of a PC. Applications can be found, for example, in the field of material testing and machine monitoring.

Mechanical and plant engineering

  • Testing of switching sequences
  • Measurement of mechanical forces and acceleration

Structural analysis

  • Target pressure point research and vibration analysis

Application reports