Application reports

LTT24 - Marine research at its best

Human activities are creating tremendous amounts of underwater noise, effecting marine environment dramatically.

Marine researchers are analyzing underwater sound  --- with the best equipment available in the market: the LTT24.


LTTsmart - The Power Analyser for electromobility

Few manufacturers of measurement technology are able to keep pace with the rapid development of electromobility.
With the LTTsmart, you are on the safe side.


LTTsmart: The future of battery-driven electric motors

Electric drives are conquering our daily lives: cordless screwdrivers, angle grinders, electric bikes and electric cars must function with maximum efficiency over the greatest possible load ranges.

Test standards, such as the DIN IEC 60034-2-3, define the test requirements for determining the efficiency of such inverter-fed drives. The LTTsmart is the only device worldwide offering the necessary bandwidth and accuracy.


LTT24 - groundbreaking quality of acoustic measurements in air and under water.

Acoustic measurements in air are often carried out with microphones corresponding to the ICP® standard and therefore require a constant current supply.


LTT24 - Underwater blasting tests

The recording of underwater pressure waves places great demands on the measurement technology used. High sampling rates are required for the transient signals of a blast, as well as robustness of the measurement system against shock and vibration.

Today, you use the LTT24 as a successor model for this purpose.


LTT24 - Sprinkling attempts on tank and buildings

transient recorders from Labortechnik Tasler GmbH are used as a substitute for tape recorders in blasting tests, among other things. The possible effects on the occupants are investigated. For this purpose, test dummies and seat structures are equipped with sensors to determine the forces and accelerations introduced. Labortechnik Tasler's measurement technology is robust enough to record the measurement data directly in the blasted tank or building.

The successor model LTT24 is also ideally suited for this type of measurement.